All Natural Pest Control

Not all bugs are bad which is why an all natural pest control program is the best choice. Killing off every bug in your garden is unreasonable and bad for the environment. After all, we need bees, ladybugs, and a host of other critters to have healthy soil and plants.

What Is an All Natural Pest Control?

all natural pest control
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Nevertheless, I sometimes feel that everything that lives outside wants to come inside. As the weather changes and critters come out of hibernation, the number of pests seems to rise in tandem with the number of hazardous chemicals used to treat pest problems.

Nowadays, most homeowners are savvy enough to know that many insect repellents are toxic and don’t want to use something that will have health repercussions for themselves or their families.

What Is a Green Pesticide?

natur Naturally Bug Free: Homemade Pest Control for Organic Gardening Made Easy

I’ve used bug sprays to get rid of many kinds of pests—flies, wasps, ants, roaches. You name it, and it has tried to live in my house. Many times these chemicals made me cough and brought on asthma symptoms.

After all, if it’s strong enough to kill something, what do you think it’s doing to your lungs? I’ve often wondered if it would be healthier to just live with the bugs.

Thankfully education has made people wary of strong chemicals, but the problem of pest control is still a big one to overcome. You need something that will kill the pests without harming you, your lawn, and garden. Thankfully, there are lots of safe treatment methods.

Natural Pest Repellent

Although there are such things as ‘good’ bugs for the environment, there are many that ruin gardens, wreck barbecues, and also spread disease. I don’t want to damage the environment or my health with pesticide use, but I can’t let bugs bite and sting my family so I’m doing what I consider to be the best thing – using non toxic and environmentally safe bug sprays.

Natural Garden Pest Control

Today’s green pesticides and repellents are often made from naturally occurring plant ingredients. For instance, pyrethrum is made from the blossoms of the Chrysanthemum and is handy at killing all sorts of inside and outside bugs.

For a seal of approval, check to see that your insecticide is Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) listed. The OMRI is a non-profit organization that provides an independent review of products intended to be certified organic. Acceptable products are OMRI Listed® and appear on the OMRI Products List.

If you want to get prepared for this season’s bug hunt, all natural pest control is the healthiest choice.


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