How Does Drinking Green Tea Fight Cancer?

Green tea is one drink in particular that has been heavily promoted as having cancer fighting properties. But can it really protect us from this disease? In this article, I take a deeper look at the research linking drinking green tea with cancer prevention and discuss just how effective it really is.

After heart disease, cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. Experts believe that over 10% of all human deaths are linked to cancer. The good news is that although we still don’t know exactly what causes this disease, there are some very strong links between cancer and our diets. In fact, statistics suggest that up to one in three cancers are linked to diet and by consuming the right foods and drinks, we could cut our cancer risk significantly.

How Green Tea Fights Cancer

Cancer is a disease that develops when the DNA in your body’s cells becomes damaged and they start to grow in a rapid, uncontrollable way. This uncontrolled cellular growth ultimately causes a tumor to develop which destroys the cells around it and can also spread to other areas of the body.

Drinking green tea helps prevent cancer by supplying the body with a selection of cancer fighting nutrients. These nutrients protect the DNA in your body’s cells from the damage discussed above and also inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

While these individual nutrients can be found in other foods and drinks, green tea is one of the only drinks which contains such a large number of them in a single serving. This is why nutritionally, green tea one of the best drinks out there for keeping cancer at bay.

The list below provides further details on the nutrients in green tea and the cancers they can prevent:

Polyphenols In Green Tea

Polyphenols are a group of potent nutrients that can be found in green tea. They all act as antioxidants in the human body and the following four have also been linked with cancer prevention:

  1. Epigallocatechin Gallate: Protects against bladder cancer, brain cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, prostate cancer and skin cancer.
  2. Epicatechin Gallate: Protects against breast cancer and skin cancer.
  3. Gallocatechol: Provides all round cancer protection.
  4. Catechin:- Provides all round cancer protection.

Green Tea Smoothie Recipe

[asg-content-box boxcolor=”blue” boxtitle=”Mango & Lime Green Tea Smoothie” boldtitle=”true” boxexpand=”true” showcontent=”false”]This mango and lime green tea smoothie is a light, refreshing smoothie with a bit of a kick. The best part is it contains just 82 calories per serving, so it’s a perfect option if you’re on a weight loss plan.

Equipment Required:

4 glasses

1 blender

Ingredients Required:

3 cups of chilled green tea (714ml)

3 cups of mango (495g)

2 limes (chopped into four halves)

1 cup of crushed ice (238g)


1) Squeeze the juice from each of the half limes into the blender and then discard the limes.

2) Place all the remaining ingredients in the blender and blend them until the mixture becomes frothy.

3) Pour an equal amount of smoothie mixture into each of the four glasses and serve.

Calories: 328 calories total 82 calories per glass [/asg-content-box]

Vitamins & Minerals In Green Tea

Vitamins and minerals are two groups of nutrients that are essential for the proper functioning of your body. Green tea contains a number of health boosting vitamins and minerals including the following three which have cancer fighting properties:

  1. Vitamin C: Provides all round cancer protection.
  2. Vitamin E: Provides all round cancer protection.
  3. Selenium: Protects against colon cancer, lung cancer and prostate cancer.

Green tea is undoubtedly one of the best cancer fighting beverages available. However, as with many things concerning our health, it needs to be a holistic effort. Drinking green tea is only a small part of your lifestyle and if the other areas aren’t up to scratch, it’s not going to make much of a difference.

For all around cancer protection you need to be active every day, eating a diet that is rich in natural, unprocessed foods as is promoted in the Healing Gourmet–a program that’s great if you want to avoid supplements and get your nutrition from the food you eat. After all, food is the best medicine there is. The antioxidants found in green tea, fruits, nuts, seeds and vegetables are highly effective at fighting cancer and come in the quantities that your body needs.

Keep in mind that you should avoid activities that increase your cancer risk such as smoking and heavy alcohol consumption. Once you are doing all this, drinking green tea and eating the foods recommended in the Healing Gourmet will give your cancer fighting efforts a huge boost and go a long way towards helping you completely healthy.



  1. I didn’t realize that green tea had so many cancer fighting properties in it. I’ve been drinking green tea for years because it actually regulates my body in other ways. I hated the taste when I first started drinking green tea because it was so different than black tea but now I love it. Glad to see I’m fighting cancer with my morning cup of non-Joe.

  2. I drink my coffee in the morning especially if I have to work, but in the evening to avoid caffeine I like to drink my green tea. I started it about 2 years ago in order to help my sleep patterns and to ween myself from too much caffeine. If you don’t particularly like green tea taste try Jasmine flavor green tea, its my favorite although it isn’t always easy to find. Of course there is always for that.

    • Good deal – lately I’ve been drinking green tea with mint but variety is the spice of life. There’s lots of varieties out there.


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